Did the Fans Get The All Star Lineup Right? (NL Squad)

Yadier Molina

Yadier Molina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Who it is- Yadier Molina- STL

No surprise here as Molina usually wins the vote. Question is, does he deserve it this year. By all accounts, he has had a nice year for a catcher. He is hitting right around .290, and has 7 homeruns to go with that. He is getting on base at an impressive .341 rate. All of his defensive stats, which is his forte, are right on line with what they usually are. The only problem is that there is someone even better.

Who it should be- Devin Mesoraco- CIN

Despite having less than 200 at bats, he already has 15 homeruns. He has hit a homerun every 12.7 at bats. He would have over 20 homeruns if he hadn’t missed as much time as he did.  He is also hitting .309, and gets on base at a rate of .373. His OPS sits at .990, and his WAR is second among NL Catchers, only Lucroy has a better war. Lucroy is another option, but Mesoraco’s power numbers are too impressive to ignore.

First Base

Who it is- Paul Goldschmidt – ARI

This is an easy choice and really doesn’t need too much explanation. There are other NL first basemen having all-star worthy years, like Anthony Rizzo and Matt Adams, but no one else is having an MVP year like Goldy. He has an OPS of .958, 16 homeruns, and is hitting .312. No other first basemen is showing elite power as well as a high batting AVG, which puts Goldy far above the rest.

Who it should be- Paul Goldschmidt- ARI

As I said, this choice was 100% correct by the fans. If I were forced to pick someone else, it would be Anthony Rizzo of the Cubs, who has really broke out and has 19 homeruns so far. His AVG sits at a decent, but unimpressive .270. Matt Adams of the Cardinals is also impressive with a .331 AVG, but he only has 10 homeruns, with is disappointing for a first basemen.

Chase Utley

Chase Utley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Second Base

Who it is- Chase Utley- PHI

I will be honest and tell you Utley is one of my favorite players in the league. With that said, he does not deserve to be starting tin the All Star game. He may lead NL second basemen in WAR, but his overall stats just aren’t that impressive. He isn’t having a bad season, at least not for his age with his injury history, but when compared to other second basemen he just doesn’t stand out. He is hitting .290 with 7 homeruns, including his first walk off homerun since 2006, which again is good, but others are more impressive.

Who it should be- Dee Gordon –LAD

If you can steal over 40 bases before the All Star break while playing second base, you deserve to start the All Star game. Unfortunately, like Altuve in the AL, Gordon was passed up for the player with the better track record. He has a better AVG and more walks than Utley, hitting .299, and the only stat he isn’t impressing in is homeruns. When a guy is this fast, and can get on base at a rate above .350 as he is, it is so valuable at the top of the lineup.


Who it is- Troy Tulowitzki- COL

Like Goldy, this was the obvious choice. Tulo isn’t only the best shortstop, but he may be the best player in the NL right now. He is hitting .349, has 18 homeruns, and is currently the only player in the league who’s OPS exceeds 1.000. The choice to start Tulo at short stop was the easiest choice between the two all-star squads.

Who it should be- Troy Tulowitzki –COL

Other shortstops are having seasons that would normally be good enough, unfortunately for them though Tulo isn’t a human being. It is like comparing Iron Man to Thor. Ian Desmond is a great baseball player, just like Iron Man is a great superhero, but when you put them up against a god, the playing field is just a little uneven.

Third Base

Who it is- Aramis Ramirez –MIL

Is Ramirez having a decent season? Yea, you could say that. It is not good enough to deserve being in the All Star game though. He is hitting .283 with only 11 homeruns. By no means is that bad, but there are just better players out there.

Who it should be- Todd Frazier- CIN

I have another bias to admit, as Todd Frazier went to the same college as I do, Rutgers, and I therefore want him to succeed. The stats will speak for themselves though, as he is hitting .289, with 17 homeruns to go along with it, enough to convince Tulo to select him to the Home Run Derby. He leads NL third basemen in WAR, home runs, and with 13 stolen bases, he also leads them in steals. Even without my bias towards him, most should be able to see Frazier has been the most impressive third basemen in the NL.

Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Who it is- Andrew McCutchen- PIT, Carlos Gomez- MIL, and Yasiel Puig- LAD

McCutchen deserves to be in the lineup without a doubt. Puig and Gomez have also impressed, my problem is that I think there is one player better than these two. Their stats are very similar, with the only major difference being Puig’s lead in OBP, his is at .391 as opposed to Gomez’s who is getting on base at a rate of .367. By extension, Puig also has higher OPS, .902 as opposed to Gomez’s .876. Due to this, I will take Puig over Gomez, and will take the following player over Gomez.

Who it should be- Giancarlo Stanton- MIA

Stanton will be at DH, which makes this problem moot, but the thing he is he should have been above Gomez to start. It isn’t a big issue, but Stanton has simply been more impressive, and deserved the recognition of starting in the outfield. He has the same batting AVG, eight more home runs, and is getting on base at a .402 rate, thanks to having twice as many walks as Gomez.

Designated Hitter

Who it is- Giancarlo Stanton- MIA

See above for the summary of his season. Since he is being upgraded to starting in the outfield he no longer needs to be at DH obviously, which opens it up for someone else.

Who it should be- Todd Frazier CIN or Carlos Gomez MIL

This is getting a little complicated but I will explain. Since the NL does not have a DH, the role should just go to the next best hitter. If Frazier isn’t going to play third as he should, he should at least get the DH spot. However, if he does get third, and Stanton gets the outfield, then Gomez would be the best choice here. Frazier at third and Gomez at DH, along with all of my other picks, would be the ideal situation. I would like to thank the AL for having a DH and making this harder for me.


A List of Snubs will be released once the final vote has been decided, and a analysis of the pitchers will be released once the Starters are announced for the two sides.

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