Picks 29-32, Patriots, 49er’s, Broncos, Seahawks

29. New England Patriots-DE Dominque Easley

Very talented player who many thought would slide due to a torn ACL. The Patriots didn’t care about that and saw a guy who may be one of the most talented defensive lineman in the draft. He is going to be good, he just needs to recover from an injury players recover from all the time now. Great pick.


30. 49er’s- Safety Jimmie Ward- Another pick that is good, but is a reach. I am a bit disappointed didn’t utilize their stockpile of picks to move up and take someone maybe a little better. With all the picks they have, they could have afforded to wait a little on this guy and take maybe a Marqise Lee. Solid addition though.

Grade- B-

31. Broncos- CB Bradley Roby

Broncos need some help in the secondary, and Roby looks like he will be a good player. he is very gifted, but lacks disipline. He will need to be coached up, but he could be a pro bowl type of guy.

Grade- B

32. *TRADE* Vikings trade up to 32 with Seahawks- QB Teddy Bridgewater

Bridgewater has gotten a lot of unfair criticism this off season. People say his hands are too small, but his hands are above the threshold and are the exact same size as Jimmy Garroppolo’s hand’s, who gets praised for his big hands. They make criticisms based on his workout’s but when he was in game he came up more times than not. He played vs a Rutgers defense who saw 5 starting defenders get drafted with a broken wrist and ankle and still had his best stuff. This guy is going to be good, great move by the Vikings.



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