Picks 26-28, Eagles, Cardinals, Panthers

Photo Credit gocards.com

26. Eagles- Marcus Smith

This is a reach, but it is a good player that addressees a need. They needed a pass rusher, and Smith certainly can be that guy. He was second in the FBS in sacks last year. So it is a reach, but a good one. May not be popular with the fans out of the gate, but he should prove his worth once the season starts.


27.Cardinals-Saftey Deone Bucannon

Fits a need, but with Teddy on the board, it is a questionable pick. He will be a good player, but you had a chance to steal a franchise QB and passed it up. Cardinals will be shooting themselves in a few years wishing they had taken Teddy.

Grade- C+

28. Panthers-WR Kelvin Benjamin

Benjamin is Roy Williams 2.0. Sure he is big and explosive, but he has very inconsistent route running and very inconsistent hands. He has upside, but I would have taken the much safer Marqise Lee who could be just as good, but with a higher floor. At least they got the receiver they needed.

Grade- C


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