Picks 23-25, Chiefs, Bengals, Chargers

Photo credit Walter Football

23. Chiefs- Dee Ford

Ford is a good pash rusher, and will have an impact in the NFL, but I don’t see the need here. Chiefs could use some help on offense, and a TE like Jace Amaro, or a WR like Cody Latimer would have been good here. The defense was already good last year. Good player, bad pick.


24.Bengals- CB Darqueze Dennard

Bengals needed some help in the secondary, and they get a guy who many had going in the top 15. Great value here for a great player. He is a big physical corner who can be a shutdown machine in the secondary. Bengals already great defense just got better.

Grade- A+

25.Chargers-CB-Jason Varrett

Varrett is short, but that is the only knock against him. If you can overlook his size, he is a great player. He makes up for his size with great leaps, and coverage skills. great pick by the Chargers.

Grade- B+

An interesting note somebody brought up to me. The Browns drafted both Brandon Weeden and Brady Quinn at 22, same place Johnny Manziel went.


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