Picks 20-22, Saints, Packers, Browns

20. *TRADE* Saints trade up to 20 with Cardinals-Brandin Cooks

Saints send the Cardinals a 3rd round pick to go get Cooks, an explosive receiver. They lost some explosiveness trading away Sproles this off season, but they get it right back in Cooks. Saints had some trouble stretching the field last year, but this guy should fix that right away, running the fastest 40 at the combine. Great pick by the Saints.


21. Packers- Safety- Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Packers needed some secondary help, and they get it. Clinton-Dix is a very solid player, and should be a great cover corner at the pro level. He has such fluid movements through the field. Great Value, Great Pick.

Grade A

22.* Trade*- Browns trade up to 22 with the Eagles- QB Johnny Manziel

Browns move up and take Manziel. I was ready to blast whatever team took him, but at this point in the draft, it is a good value pick. I dont think he will be good at all, but it is worth a shot I guess. He is too erratic with his throws, and cornerbacks will take advatage of that. But Browns need something to get their fans excited.


Photo credit CBS Sports


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