Picks 17-19, Ravens, Jets, Dolphins

Photo Credit CBSSports

17.Ravens- ILB C.J. Mosley

Your atypical, plug and play, inside linebacker. Mosley showed a lot of improvement this year, and should be a solidifying force in the middle of the Ravens defense. He may not be an All-Pro, and Alabama players tend to peak in college, but he will be at the least a solid player, at best a great middle linebacker. Ravens do really need some receivers though.

Grade- A

18. Jets- FS Calvin Pryor

Not a bad player, but Jets really needed a receiver. Pryor is a big hitter, and will add a new dimension to the Jets defense, but personally I would have gone with Brandin Cooks. Jets need to be able to score to keep up with the Patriots, and I am not sure they can do that with their current offense.

Grade- C+

19.Dolphins-OT Ja’wuan James

Not a guy many saw in the first round, but they needed o line and obviously this was their favorite guy left. Bit of a reach, but he was a very good OT at Tennessee and may be an under the radar pick by the Dolphins.

Grade- B-


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