Picks 14-16, Bears, Steelers, Cowboys

Photo Credit Washington Post

14-Chicago- CB-Kyle Fuller

The Bears defense was a joke last year, which sounds weird to say. Many scouts have him as the most NFL ready receiver, and he can play in almost any system. Dennard may be a little better down the road, but Fuller should at least be a solid corner.

Grade- B

15. Steelers- OLB Ryan Shazier

Shazier is a fast, athletic linebacker. he can be explosive, but he can also be a non factor. he needs to bulk up to avoid being stuffed, but his speed makes him very scary. he can go sideline to sideline, and should be at least decent. It is a bit of a reach here, but not a bad pick.

Grade- B-

16.Cowboys-OG  Zack Martin

Everyone was on the edge of their seats wondering if they would take Johnny Manziel. Cowboys do the smart thing and instead take the very safe pick in Martin. Martin caan play anywhere along the line, and should be a big help to Tony Romo. Defense may have been a bigger need here though.



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