Picks 11-13, Titans, Giants, Rams

Photo Credit Wikipedia

11.Titans-OT Taylor Lewan

Off the field issues aside, Lewan is going to be a very good player. He could have been a top 5 pick l;ast year had he came out. They will need to coach him up, but this gives the Titans a VERY good o line, almost scary good. Jake Locker wont have to worry about getting hit a lot again this year.

Grade -A

12. Giants- WR Odell Beckham

Beckham looks to be a very solid receiver, and should become a favorite weapon of Eli Manning. Offensive Line was probably a bigger need, but Giants take a risk by taking a great route runner in Beckham. Good pick, and should give a boost to the offense.

Grade- B

13. Rams- DT Aaron Donald

Donald will be a force at DT. Rams really need a receiver, but no receiver was good enough to justify a pick here, and the Rams couldn’t pass up the best interior linemen in the draft.

Grade A



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