Darrelle Revis isn’t Worth the Hassle, or the Pricetag

Darrelle Revis (Photo Credit NY Daily News)

Another year, and once again Revis is in a contract dispute. The Buccaneers, who hired Lovie Smith to be their new head coach this off-season, don’t want Revis anymore, and who can blame them. Revis has been a thorn in the side of his team since he came into the league. Whether it was holding out for a bigger contract, or complaining about his contract, Revis has always had the problem of wanting more money.

There is no questioning his talent, but is any corner back worth the type of money Revis wants? He was due to make over $13 million a year with the Bucs before his release, and has said that he refuse to take a pay cut. Personally, I think it would be better to sign someone like Corey Graham for much less money, and still be able to afford a handful of other players

Revis has shown he is willing to hold out to get his way, he did it twice already in the past, s he will not be in a hurry to sign a deal. He will try to extort the teams competing to sign him into giving him the money he wants. Teams shouldn’t put up with that though. There are other free agents, and there are corners in the draft that can be had at a much cheaper price. Besides once you sign him, what is to stop him from holding out again the next year for more money. If any other corner gets signed for more than him, history shows he will demand a pay raise, and won’t play if he doesn’t get it.

Cornerbacks aren’t valuable enough to warrant being paid close to 15 million a year. Any team with a good pass rush can make decent corners look good.

Revis may be the best cover corner in the league, but his insisting upon being the highest paid corner is just too steep of a price. There are other places that money can be spent at a much better value.

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