NFL Mock Draft, Picks 17-20

With the seventeenth pick, the Ravens select…

Marqise Lee (Photo Credit Baltimore Sports)

Marqise Lee, WR out of USC

The Ravens suffered from the loss of Anquan Boldin last year. Torrey Smith was Joe Flacco’s only legit weapon, and he suffered because of it. Ravens will not be able to pass up a chance to take a receiver in this draft, they can’t make it another year without a second option for Flacco.

Lee is knocked for having a disappointing final year at USC. In his defense, everyone had a lousy year at USC. The talent is still there though. Lee has big play potential, which will help draw attention away from Smith. He can be explosive at times, using his quick first step to get ahead of the cornerbacks early.

He has nice moves in open fields, and can make defenders miss. he is more of a raw athlete than a refined receiver, and will have to be coached up. He needs to refine his routes and improve his technique. Lee doesn’t always read the ball well, and occasionally doesn’t run to the ball. has the tools to be effective on contested targets, but needs to use them more and position himself better in those situations.
Ravens are a good destination for lee because they have a great strong head coach. I would want to see him somewhere with an inexperienced head coach, because Lee is raw and needs that leadership from a veteran head coach.

With the eighteenth pick, the Jets select…

Eric Ebron (Photo Credit Wikipedia)

Eric Ebron, TE out of UNC

The Jets need to find an offensive weapon here. Geno Smith is a young QB, who has nobody to throw to. You dont want to throw a young Qb out there without help, they need to get him someone else to throw to.

The best option would be to go with Eric Ebron. Te’s are great for young Qb’s because they act as a safety blanket. If they can’t find anyone down field, you can always count on a big bodied TE to find his way open for a check down. With Ebron comes the added bonus of explosiveness. Not only can he be the big body to throw to in tight spaces, but he can be the trailblazer to target down field. Ebron is the latest in a new trend of TE’s who can not only block and catch the short pass, but can make the big plays as well. He would bring excitement to an offense severely lacking it.he is better than any receiver available at this point, and is the perfect target for Smith.

If Jets try to go into next season with Jeremy Kerley as their best target again, Smith will end up being a bust like Mark Sanchez. It has been seen time and time again, if you throw young QB’s out there and expect them to win on their own, they won’t. Smith isn’t good enough to be that type of player. if the jets expect him to be Andrew luck, they will be very disappointed.

With the nineteenth pick, the dolphins select…

Cyrus Kouandjio (Photo credit

Cyrus Kouandjio, OT out of Alabama

One scandal shook the entire foundation of the Dolphins offensive line apart. Due to the hatefulness of Danny Incognito, and the idiocy of the Dolphins coaching staff, the Dolphins find themselves down two linemen. They need to bring some fresh faces in.

The Dolphins will chose Kouandjio not only because he is a talented linemen, but because he comes without the baggage of personal problems.the argument is there that Michigan OT Taylor Lewan is more talented, but I doubt the Dolphins want to add assault to the list of issues in their locker room. Lewan has been accused of having rage issues, and whether it is true or not, the Dolphins can’t take that risk.

Kouandjio did not have a good showing at all at the combine, but his game tape speaks enough for him. He is a strong, smart line ment with serious potential if he can take a little better care of himself. Kouandjio is the safe pick for a Dolphins management team that can’t afford any more mis-steps.

With the twentieth pick, the Cardinals select…

Taylor Lewan (Photo Credit CNN)

Taylor Lewan, OT out of Michigan he secondary.

The Cardinals need quality offensive tackles for Coach Bruce Arians schemes to work. He likes to stretch the field and attack the secondary. You cant do that if your quarterback spends as much time on his back as Carson Palmer does. Their interior line improved last year, but their tackles were mediocre at best. If the Cardinals are going to improve, they need a quality tackle to give Palmer time to find Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd downfield.

Lewans personal problems are documented above, but the Cardinals don’t have locker room issues, and afford the risk that comes with him. His potential in this case outweighs the risk. He is a strong blocker, capable of making impact blocks in both the passing and running game. he can makes blocks down field as well. His best asset is his football IQ, showing a remarkable ability to read, and adjust to blitzes Shows a constant awareness of where the QB is, and his long arms allow himself to keep defenders at a distance.

Isnt the best athlete, and can be beaten by the more athletic pass rushers if he doesn’t receive help. Did manage to hold his own against Jadeveon Clowney, but he received significant help in that time. His lack of elite athleticism keeps him from countering the initial burst of some defenders. If he can become more fluid though, he will become one of the better blockers with his combination of strength and awareness.

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