NFL Mock Draft, Picks 9-12

With the ninth pick the Buffalo Bills select…

C.J. Mosley (Photo Credit ESPN)

C.J. Mosley, ILB out of Alabama

Bills need to improve their pass rush, and linebacker core. C.J. Mosley may end up being the best linebacker out of this group of draftees, making him the best choice here.  C.J. Mosley is the smartest linebacker coming out of college. He excels at recognizing the ball carrier, and keeping on him to take him down. Scouts have praised Mosley for his football IQ. The game tape shows he rarely makes mistakes thanks to a keen eye for the ball and his extensive preparation for the game.

Mosley occasionally doesn’t wrap up while tackling. He has a tendency to throw himself at people. This is the only complaint about him though. Mosley has the potential to be a Lavonte David type of player. He has a similar build, a similar play style, and a similar skill set. Bills should be happy to grab a player like Mosley if he is available when they pick.

With the tenth pick the Lions select…

Darqueze Dennard (Photo Credit Sports Illustrated)

Darqueze Dennard, CB out of  Michigan State

I am sure the Lions will be tempted to select Mike Evans at this point to compliment All Pro WR Calvin Johnson. Evans wouldn’t be a bad pick, and usually I would be all for taking best available instead of reaching for a need. In this instance though, CB is too big of a need for the Lions not to address. If they sign a corner in the off season, then they should definitely pull the trigger on a receiver here. Until free agency though, it is safe to say Lions will go corner here.

Dennard is a physical, lockdown corner who plays bigger than he is. His size is average for an NFL corner, but he has managed to play like someone with above average size. He lacks elite speed, but makes up for it by being physical and smart. His footwork as a corner is tremendous, and he rarely finds himself being burned by even the fastest receivers. He needs to wrap up on tackles more, and play the run game smarter, but these are fixable issues. Dennard will be a solid, though maybe underwhelming, addition to the Lions. They will be better served finding a good corner in free agency, and taking a chance on a receiver here. If they can’t, this wouldn’t be a bad pick though.

With the eleventh pick, the Titans select….

Greg Robinson (Photo Credit

Greg Robinson, OT out of Auburn

The Titans have three main needs going into the draft. They need a safety, a pass rusher, and an offensive lineman. Out of all those three needs, the best player to fill one of them is Robinson. They could also go with Anthony Barr or Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, but Robinson is probably the best player out of the three. Another factor in going o-line in the draft is the price of tackles in the market. They are a commodity, and hard to find. There are pass rushers and safeties in the market that are affordable, not so much for o-linemen.

Robinson is easily the second best linemen in the draft, and some even say he is the best. He is strong, and shows great power on the original push. He excels in the run game, though could improve in the passing game. He tends to not extend his arms in the pass game, and doesn’t hold the block as well. Despite his size, he is very fluid and quick. Robinson would improve the o line immensely, and allow the Titans to focus on other positions in the later rounds.

With the twelfth pick, the Giants select…

Anthony Barr (Photo Credit CBS Sports)

Anthony Barr, OLB/DE out of UCLA

The Giants love taking pass rushers early in the draft, and won’t pass up the chance to get the best pass rusher in the draft. Barr has exceptional length, quickness, and speed. What is scary is that he is one of the best players in the draft, but still has a lot of room for growth. He is a physical specimen, who needs to be coached up to learn more effective pass rushing techniques.

He draws comparisons to current Giant d-linemen Jason Pierre-Paul. A player coming into the NFL without the pass rushing skills you like to see, but whose attributes are just too freakish to ignore. With the right coach, Barr could be an elite pass rusher. The Giants managed to teach Pierre-Paul pass rushing skills to put his athleticism to full use, they can teach it to Barr as well.

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