Major League Off Season Report Card (Mariners)

Moves so far

Robinson Cano (Photo Credit Wikipedia)

  • Signed 2B Robinson Cano to a 10-year, $240 million deal
  • Signed 1B/RF Corey Hart to a one-year, $5 million deal
  • Acquired 1B/OF Logan Morrison from Marlins for RP Carter Capps
  • Signed IF Willie Bloomquist to a two-year, $5.8 million deal
  • Re-signed CF Franklin Gutierrez to a one-year, $1 million deal

Rumor Mill

  • Reportedly in market for a SP
  • Apparently refuse to give up pitching prospect Taijuan Walker in any potential trade

Giving out a 10-year deal to a player who is over 30 is rarely a good idea, even more so when it’s for a player who has been accused of being lazy. Robinson Cano is one of the most talented players in baseball, but he tends to be a bit lackadaisical, not running down to first, or putting effort into every play. He isn’t the type of player you want to give a huge deal.

It was a similar situation with OF Josh Hamilton last year. A guy who was considered a top talent in the league, but still wasn’t considered worthy of the big money he was asking for. His heart didn’t always seem to be in the game, and he proved the doubters right when he feel flat on his face ion his first year with the Angels. The Angels gave him a big deal, granted not as big as Cano, but still a sizable amount of money. It looks as though this will be a deal to regret as Hamilton failed to meet the lofty expectations his deal came with. It’s worth mentioning Mariners had almost landed Hamilton that year, until the Angels swept in and stole him.

It is understandable the Mariners want to spend money, at least they are trying to improve their team. Deals like this will not fix their problem though. It’s okay to bring in big free agents, but you have to choose wisely. Pick the team players and hardworking guys over the flashy, yet lazy stars.

Beyond Cano, the Mariners managed to bring in two 1B/OF’s in Logan Morrison and Corey Hart. Two players with decent potential, who have suffered from the injury bug in recent years. They can be contributors if they play, but neither are anything special. Speedster Willie Bloomquist also joins the fray. He is another decent player who can contribute, but won’t be an all-star.

Their best move has probably been not trading prized prospect Taijuan Walker, who seems poised to be a stud at the next level.

Mariners get a C-, this goes to show spending a lot of money doesn’t always mean it has been a good offseason. The Mariners will regret the Cano signing by the end. It may fill the stadium up a little more, but he is near the end of his prime and is just going into a `10-year-deal. That does not bode well for Seattle.

If Mariners make any moves, an update will be posted.

Next team up is the Athletics.


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