Yankees Make Biggest Splash of Offseason and land Tanaka (Update to Yankees Grade)

New Move

Masahiro Tanaka comes from Japan to join the Yankees rotation (photo credit wikipedia)

  • Signed SP Masahiro Tanaka to a seven-year, $155 million dollar deal

The Yankees have won the Tanaka sweepstakes. The “Evil Empire” has agreed to terms with the Japanese prospect for a massive deal, the biggest any international prospect has ever received. After strengthening their lineup with multiple signings including OF Jacoby Ellsbury, C Brian Mccann, and OF Carlos Beltran, the Yanks have now brought a new face to their rotation.

They beat out many teams battling for the rights to the righty, most notably the Dodgers, who claimed they “would not be outbid.” In the end, it turned to not be just money that drew him to New York, but pride, as Tanaka said he chose the Yankees because he thought they wanted him the most. The Dodgers probably offered him a similarly massive contract, but apparently they didn’t rub off on the 25-year-old, as well as the Yanks did.

Tanaka looks legit, his stuff is on par with that of SP Yu Darvish, who now pitches for the Texas Rangers.  Making a massive deal like this for someone who has never played in the MLB is a huge risk, but the Yankees are fond of putting their money where their mouth is and taking big risks.

Yankees have made the most splashes in the offseason so far, signing multiple highly sought after free agents. Say what you want about the Yankees, but at least they aren’t like many MLB teams who refuse to spend money and find themselves at the bottom of the standings every year.

I hate to give the Yanks credit, but they now get an A+ for this offseason. They have improved so much from last year. They still have a lot of dead weight on their team, but they seem willing to just eat that money to put a better team on the field. These deals may hurt in in few years, but Yankees will be a team to reckon with once more this year. On paper they are once again a top 10 team in the MLB.


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