Major League Off Season Report Card (Royals)

Omar Infante

Moves so far

  • Signed SP Jason Vargas to a four-year, $32 million deal
  • Traded RP Will Smith to Milwaukee for OF Norichika Aoki
  • Signed IF/OF Omar Infante to a four-year, $30 million deal
  • Traded OF David Lough to Baltimore for IF Danny Valencia
  • Signed C Francisco Pena to a one-year deal

Rumor Mill

  • Royals seem to be done trading away their major league players
  • SP Ervin Santana seems to be out of their price range at this time

The Royals have quietly become a respectable team over the last few years. Smart signings, a great farm system, and patience have paid off for the Royals, as they continue to improve.

The Royals are going to lose SP Ervin Santana, they just can’t afford to pay him after the signings they have made. They will hope Jason Vargas can replace his production. Vargas went 9-8 with a 4.02 ERA last year with the Angels.

Royals lose out by trading Lough. Lough is a solid Outfielder who brings energy to the team. They get back Danny Valencia for Lough. Valencia was once a promising prospect in the Twins organization, but he has struggled to hit since being called up. He will most likely be the backup 3rd basemen, and while he can give an ok bat off the bench, he lacks power, and doesn’t present the same value as Lough did.

The Royals best signing was probably Omar Infante. Infante isn’t a great player, but he is solid, and they got him a t a decent price. He can provide an ok bat and good defense from the back of the lineup.

They Royals limited payroll means Royals have to count on their young guys. If players like Hosmer can continue to improve they may have a future, but Royals have failed to hold on to promising young talent two years in a row. Last year they traded OF Wil Myers for James Shield, and Myers went on to win AL Rookie of The Year. This year they trade Lough, who not as talented as Myers, still provided some value to them.

Royals get a C-, I understand they can’t improve too much considering their payroll, but they shouldn’t be losing value in an offseason. Norichika is a downgrade from Lough, and Vargas is a downgrade from Santana.

If Royals make any moves, an update will be posted.

Next team up is the Indians.


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