Major League Report Card (Rays)

Moves so far

  • Re-signed 1B James Loney to 3 year deal for $21 million
  • Acquire Closer Heath Bell and C Ryan Hanigan in 3 team deal

Rumor Mill

  • Still listening to offers on SP David Price

The Rays have been quiet this offseason, only making two moves of note. That could change at any second though if they can find a suitor for Price.

Trading Price is complicated for the Rays, because they want major league players back since they want to compete this year. Usually when a team is trading a star player, it’s because they are rebuilding, so they can take prospects back and wait for them to be ready. Problem is, no one seems to want to give up talented Major League ready players for Price. The Rays GM has said he is disappointed in Price’s value on the market thus far, they thought they would get some better offers.

Re-signing Loney was a good move. He was a reliable hitter last year, not spectacular, but consistent. The market for 1B wasn’t particularly deep, and signing Loney to a reasonable deal made perfect sense.

The Heath Bell acquisition would have been great three years ago, but recently he has been more of a liability than an asset. After average over 30 saves a season during his tenure with the Padres his career has taken a down turn. He signed a big deal with the Marlins, and blew 8 of 27 save chances, in route to season ERA over 5. He was traded to the Diamondbacks the next year, and while he was better, his era was still above 4, and he blew 7 of 22 save chances.

Hanigan is an all right catcher, but is nothing special. He can rotate with Jose Molina, and while the position of catcher will not be a weakness for the Rays, it won’t give them any value.

They haven’t added any value to their team this off-season, it will be tough to keep up in the AL East if they don’t keep improving. Then again we have been saying it will be tough for the Rays to compete for a while now, but they keep staying in the race.

Rays get a C, resigning Loney was smart, but we will have to see what Heath Bell shows up this season. A Price trade could change this grade dramatically, for better or worse.

This will be updated if there is any news.

Next up is the NL Central.


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