Major League Off Season Report Card (Pirates)

Moves so far

Pedro Álvarez  - Pittsburgh Pirates

Pedro Álvarez – Pittsburgh Pirates (Photo credit: FuLinHyu)

  • Signed SP Edinson Volquez to a one-year deal for $5 million
  • Re-signed SS Clint Barmes to a one-year deal $2 million
  • Designated 1B Garret Jones for assignment
  • Signed RHP Charlie Morton to a three-year, $21 million extension

Rumor Mill

  • Expected to sign SP A.J. Burnett at some point
  • Interested in pretty much every 1B available

Pirates finally had a winning season last year, after failing to do so for over 20 straight years. Their moves so far this off season don’t inspire confidence in repeating that though. As a small market team, they often need to be creative if they want to acquire talent. They haven’t made much happen so far, but are working on acquiring a 1B.

They don’t seem worried about re-signing Burnett though, they are convinced he is staying. Most agree he won’t go anywhere else, but at 36, Burnett is weighing staying in Pittsburgh and retiring. He may be waiting back for now to see what the Pirates do and see if it is worth coming back another year to try to win again.

Edinson Volquez was once a promising young pitcher, and had some nasty pitches up his sleeve. Control problems have plagued him though, and his stuff has lost a lot of its nastiness. He most likely won’t add much value to the team.

Clint Barmes comes back, but again, he is a mediocre player, and like Volquez doesn’t add much value to his team.

The Pirates seem ok with putting out the same team next year and just hope their young players improve enough to take them to the next level. The Pirates are young, and have potential. With their limited payroll, they really have no other option but to just be patient. Hope 3B Pedro Alvarez keeps improving, hope SP Gerrit Cole becomes the Ace they think he can be, and for MVP OF Andrew McCutchen to keep playing like he has been.

Pirates get a C, they haven’t done anything to merit a good grade this season, but I also can’t hold their limited payroll over their head.

If Pirates make any new moves, this will be updated.

Next team up is the Reds.



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