Major League Report Card (Yankees)

Moves so far

Robinson Cano holds a bat prior to a game betw...

Robinson Cano holds a bat prior to a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on August 28, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Signed OF Jacoby Ellsbury to 7 year deal for $153 Million
  • Signed OF Carlos Beltran to 3 year deal for $45 million
  • Signed C Brian McCann to 5 year deal for $85 million
  • Signed SP Hiroki Kuroda to 1 year deal for $16 million
  • Signed 2B/3B Kelly Johnson to 1 year deal for $3 million
  • Signed 2b Brian Roberts to 1 year deal for $2 Million
  • Signed RP Matt Thornton to 2 year deal for $7 million

Rumor Mill

  • If posted, Yankees are very interested in SP Masahiro Tanaka
  • OF Brett Garner reportedly on trade market.
  • GM Brian Cashman says Yankees are not finished yet

So much for getting under the Luxury Tax. After 1 year, Yankees are back to the team we all know, the kind of team that will but every single free agent they can. Did they spend their money wisely though?

The Ellsbury signing is a risk, that’s a lot of money and years for a player who has as many injury problems as Ellsbury. What Ellsbury brings to the table though is the ability to hit in the playoffs. Yankees hitters have been shockingly bad in their last couple playoff appearances. They hit a combined .188 in the 2012 off-season. As his speed starts to go later in this contract, Yankees may regret this signing, but for now, Ellsbury will be a huge boost. It also helps that they stole him from their hated rivals the Red Sox.

McCann was also a risky signing. A 30-year-old catcher with bad knees is always a risk. McCann most likely won’t be a full-time catcher though, and he can still hit a ball as good as ever. Now that he is playing half of his games in a little league ball park, he should be able to easily reach 30 home runs splitting time between catching and being the DH. Moreover, he will have even more opportunities to get upset at the other team for rounding the bases to slow.

Yankees had to gibe Beltran 3 years, when they wanted to give him only 2, but when they offered OF Shin Soo Choo 7 years $240 million and he turned it down, Beltran for 3 years seemed reasonable. Beltran is another player who should benefit from the very short right porch in Yankees Stadium.

Keeping Kuroda was smart, and the Johnson and Roberts’s signings were good considering how little they cost them.

Their best move of the off-season though was not signing 2B Robinson Cano. Cano is talented, but he is also lazy. When a player doesn’t hustle or try hard when he is playing for a contract, what do expect him to do once he was paid? It was the same issue with Josh Hamilton. Josh Hamilton showed signs of not having the best work ethic before he was paid, and when he was, he did horrible. Not to say Cano is going to suck with Seattle, but you don’t give a guy like Cano that kind of money. Ten year contracts are a bad idea in general, I can’t think of one that has worked out.

Yankees get an A-, only because in 3 years, these contracts may hurt them, but for now, they have added tremendous value to their team.

If there is any news updates will be posted.

The next team is the Red Sox.


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