Major League Off Season Report Card (Red Sox)

Moves so far

Red Sox at Orioles July 20, 2011.

Red Sox at Orioles July 20, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Resigned 1B Mike Napoli to 2 year deal for $32 Million
  • Signed C A.J. Pierzynski to 1 year deal $8.25 million
  • Signed RP Edward Mujica to 2 year deal for $9.5 million
  • Acquired 2B/SS Jonathan Herrera  from Rockies for RP Franklin Morales

Rumor Mill

  • Still in talks with SS Stephen Drew
  • Working on extension with DH David Ortiz

Losing OF Jacoby Ellsbury to the Yankees has to hurt. Red Sox fans were hurt and confused, confused enough to forget how to spell traitor. So far, the Red Sox haven’t pulled the trigger on a replacement. They may be content giving OF Jackie Bradley Jr. a chance as the starter, or maybe they are working on a trade. However, for now it seems as if they have lost a lot of value in the outfield.

Brining in Mujica was a good move. He performed great as the Cardinals closer year. Even though he won’t be the closer for the Red Sox, his value is still great as a set up man.

The signing of Pierzynski is an upgrade over the bat of C Jarrod Saltalamacchia, but it could hurt the clubhouse. Pierzynski has a history of getting under people’s skins. When he left the Giants, his former teammates said he was a clubhouse cancer. He is tumultuous person, and doesn’t hold back what he is thinking. If he fits in it won’t be a problem, but if he doesn’t, it can hurt the chemistry. One of the reasons Red Sox won the World Series last year was because of team chemistry. The year before they had sent out all the players perceived as clubhouse cancers, and signed a group of players known for being great clubhouse guys.

While on the topic of chemistry, keeping Napoli was huge. It was Napoli along with OF Jonny Gomes that started the beard thing last year that helped build that great chemistry. He is also a big part of the lineup and they could afford to lose two of their best hitters in one offseason.

Losing a star player to a rival hurts, but the Red Sox should still be in good shape.

They get a C, they lost more value than they gained this offseason, but keeping Napoli is worth a passing grade on its own.

If there is any news, this will be updated.

Next up is the Blue Jays.


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