Major League Off Season Report Card (Blue Jays)

J. P. Arencibia

J. P. Arencibia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moves so far

  • Signed C Dioner Navarro to 2 year deal for $8 million
  • Traded RP Brad Lincoln for C Erik Kratz
  • Signed 2b Jared Goedert and SP Tomo Ohka to minor league deals

Rumor Mill

  • Are in talks for a trade for SP Jeff Samardzija
  • Colby Rasmus reportedly on the market

Blue Jays offseason, at least to this point, has been boring. Especially when compared to last season’s. Last season actually has a lot to do with why this one has been slow. They traded away most of their top prospects to acquire SS Jose Reyes, SP Josh Johnson, SP Mark Buehrle, C John Buck, and UTIL Emilio Bonifacio. They then flipped Buck, along with top prospects Travis d’Arnaud (Catcher) and Noah Syndergaard, who recently started in the Futures game.

The Blue Jays farm system is dry, and they don’t have much cap space. If they do want to make some moves, they are going to have to be creative.

The Navarro signing is a decent one, he is an ok catcher, but not a long term option. He replaces J.P. Arencibia, who couldn’t even hit over the Mendoza line last year. Navarro is the type of catcher who will ensure the position is never a weakness t=for the Jays, but it won’t be a strength either. He is merely a stopgap until C prospect A.J. Jimenez is ready to step in.

The Ohka signing is only because he is a knuckleball pitcher they can put in the minors to train A.J. Jimenez to catch the knuckler.

The Blue Jays have done nothing remarkable, but they also haven’t done anything stupid.

They get a C-, this offseason, while less exciting, has been better than the last one. They threw away their future last year for a crop of players who already failed as a team when they were on the Marlins, and a knuckleballer coming off a career year. If they could manage to acquire Samardzija then this grade would go up.

This will be updated if there is news.

Next up to bat is the Orioles


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