Major League Report Card (Marlins)

English: Florida Marlins mascot at , 2011.

English: Florida Marlins mascot at , 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moves so far

  • Signed C Jarrod Saltalamacchia to a 3 year $21 Million deal
  • Signed 1b/OF Garret Jones to a  2 year $7.5 million deal
  • Signed SS Rafeal Furcal to 1 year deal (Money Undisclosed)
  • Traded 1b/OF Logan Morrison for RP Carter Capps
  • Signed Casey McGehee to 1 year $1.1 million deal

Rumor Mill

  • No rumors around MArlin camp as of now

Marlins will not be a good team this year, but they will at least be better than last year. Som far they have managed to get through an offseason without making some drastic change, which is progress. A team like the Marlins, who recently gained a surplus of young talent, just need to hold on to that talent and not get desperate. Hold onto OF Giancarlo Stanton, and ROY SP Jose Fernandez. Teams are probably calling them every day hoping Jeffrey Loria has another episode and decides to bloww his team up again.

Marlins may have a future with these young players, and with some decent signings to go along with it they can be competitive at some point. They didn’t do anything major, but made smart signings and trades,a nd didnt ruin their future to do so. With their very limited market they can’t afford to be big spenders, they have to build through the farm system, and theirs is one of the best.

They have to keep course and not panic or be impatient. Thankfully there aren’t many Marlins fans to get frustrated with their losing ways, so it’s a little easier to be patient.

Marlins get an A this offseason, but that grade is curved. These signings would usually warrant a B-, but you have to treat teams like this special. pat them on the back and give them a gold star for things that wouldnt normally warrant it.

If there is any news this will be updated.

Tomorrow, we head to the Al East.




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