Major League Report Card (Braves)

Tim Hudson

Tim Hudson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Moves so far

  • Acquire C Ryan Doumit in trade
  • Sign SP Gavin Floyd to 1 year deal
  • Extended the deals of RP Jonny Venters and Jordan Walden
  • Signed 1b Mat Gamel to a minor league deal
  • Signed 2b/ss Ramiro Pena to a 1 year deal (money undisclosed)
  • Signed deal to move to a new ballpark

Rumor Mill

  • Rumor Mill is dry for Braves right now

If you listen closely while reading about all the moves the Braves have made this offseason, you can hear crickets chirping in the background. You can also hear the sound of B.J. Upton laughing while he cashes his check.

Braves were as streaky as it gets last year. The Upton brothers failed to meet expectations, shocking, and the Braves lineup came and went with the home run. They haven’t done much to fix the problem, they resigned Pena, a utility player, signed a mediocre catcher, and signed Gamel to a minor league deal.

Gamel is a great low risk signing, and he could have a huge impact for the team if healthy, after all, he killed the minors in his last full season. There is only one problem, Gamel can only play two positions, barley. He is a first basemen, but you could put him at third at your own risk. Problem is, the braves best two hitters, Chris Johnson and Freddie Freeman, just so happen to play third and first respectively.

Floyd is a wash of a signing, he barely even pitched last year.

They also managed to let Brian McCann and Tim Hudson walk away, two of their best players.

The most remarkable thing they did this offseason doesn’t even take effect to 2017, which is the move to a new stadium. Braves don’t make much of a profit at Turner Field, according to Braves fans Turner Field was an extremely annoying ballpark to get to, they had to move to a better area to increase their revenue. Part of the reason they have had such an unremarkable offseason is that they just don’t have the payroll to do so.

The Braves offseason has been a disappointing one, but it’s better than last year’s circus. It’s unbelievable someone still actually had faith in the Upton’s, I could have told you they were a waste of time and money.

Braves get a D, how they managed to do worse than the Phillies is a mystery, but while the Phillies struck even, the Braves managed to get worse.

The Braves are doomed to once again be the hot pockets of the MLB. Either scorching hot, or ice cold, no middle ground.

As news comes out, I will update this.

Next team up to bat is the Marlins, who finally won’t be the worst at something.


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