Major League Offseason Report Card( Mets)

Curtis Granderson running during a game betwee...

Curtis Granderson running during a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on August 28, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moves so far

  • OF Curtis Granderson to 4 year $60 Million deal
  • SP Bartolo Colon to 2 year $20 Million deal
  • OF Chris Young to 1 year $7.25 Million deal

Rumor Mill

  • Trade Rumors for SP Jonathan Neise and 2B Daniel Murphy, but nothing catching on
  • Ike Davis being actively shopped
  • Mets reportedly looking to sign 1 more starter to a minor League deal
  • Reportedly interested in SS Stephen Drew

Compliments for the Mets are rare, but they had a damn good offseason. They put themselves in position to at least have a half decent team on the field next season. Going into the offseason, they needed two things, a power hitter, and a short-term pitcher to fill in for the injured Matt Harvey. They get their power hitter in Granderson, and their pitcher in Colon, both ex-Yankees.

Since the Yankees gave him a shot a few years ago, Colon has become surprisingly one of the best pitchers in the MLB. He has a 3.3 ERA the last 3 years, and has seen his career revive after almost ruining it after being caught using steroids. Since then he has been one of the most tested people in baseball, and hasn’t failed a single one in route to a shocking revival. He isn’t flashy, and won’t strike many people out, but he is perfect for the Mets as they await their group of young pitchers to emerge.

Granderson re-invented himself as a power hitter at Yankees stadium. His avg plummeted, but his home runs skyrocketed. That tends to happen when you play in a little league ballpark, but he seems excited for the next step in his career. Critics claim he is injury prone, but his injuries were freak accidents. I mean being hit is the same spot of the hand twice, that’s not being injury prone, that’s called being unlucky. With that behind him, he is ready to give the Mets something they have lacked, power. May be a slight overpay, but at least the Mets haven’t gotten back on the saddle and are trying to be competitive again. With the loss of Harvey to tommy johns, they most likely won’t be a playoff team this year, but they may be able to at least entertain their fans for once.

I give them a B, offseason isn’t going to spin heads, but it’s a productive one that added value to a team that needed it.

If Mets make any new moves this will be updated.

Next team is The Nationals


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