Major League Offseason Report Card ( Phillies)

Jonathan Papelbon

Jonathan Papelbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moves so far

  • Pitcher Roberto Hernandez to 1 year deal for $4.5 Million
  • OF Marlon Bryd to 2 year deal for $16 Million
  • Resigned Catcher Carlos Ruiz to a 3 year deal for $26 Million
  • Catcher Will Nieves to 1 year deal for $1.125 Million
  • Acquire RP Brad Lincoln from Blue Jays for C Erik Kratz

Rumor Mill

  •  Sources say they have reached their spending limit
  • Willing to listen to deals for P Cole Hamels, P Cliff Lee, and OF Dom brown
  • Actively Shopping SS Jimmy Rollins and RP Jonathan Papelbon

The Phillies are a mess, and no amount of signings they could have made this off season would fix it. GM Ruben Amaro Jr., or as Phillie fans have taken to calling him,  Ruin Tomorrow Jr., has sunk the team Pat Gillick created into what seems like a retirement home/rehab center at times. Two years in a row now they have failed to make the playoffs, and the team keeps getting older.

They have invested Money Long term in several players over 30. Ryan Howard has proceeded to decline every season since he signed his big six year extension. Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley both also received new deals for three plus years despite a recent decline.

What have they don’t to fix this problem? Well they went and signed more old players to multi-year deals. Marlon Byrd was out of the league a year ago. Mets picked him up on a whim and he ended up putting together a pretty good season thanks to Old Man power. Despite his good season, he was a non-factor in the three seasons prior. Is this Bryd re-inventing himself, or is it an aberration. I am inclined to believe the latter. Either way, at the age of 36, this isn’t the type of player the Phillies should be targeting. If they think they can compete this year they are kidding themselves.

They also signed Carlos Ruiz (34) to a nice new 3 year deal. Ruben Amaro seems convinced this team can compete, but they can’t. They couldn’t compete with this same core the last few seasons, what makes you think they will all magically bounce back and stay healthy for one year. Ruin, I mean Ruben is going to sink this team with his ineptitude.

All Phillies fans, myself included, can hope for at this time that some GM even more clueless then Amaro actually trades for either Papelbon or Rollins, and takes them out of the Phillies hair.

Phillies get a C-, because despite having a off season that added no real value to their team, at least they have managed to not do anything stupid like trade Brown, or break bank on a free agent they don’t need.

This team is delusional though, and despite the average off season grade, this team will breaking in their golf clubs come October, maybe they can actually manage to hit something while playing golf.

Will update if Phillies make another move.

Next Team: NY Mets


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